There are some trademarks that Samsung has recently filed for. One such trademark that was filed in January in Europe is Eye Scroll (No. 011510674). One other filed in February in USA is Samsung Eye Scroll. Samsung describes these trademarks as computer application software that senses eye movements to scroll displays of mobiles, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras etc. Yet another trademark filed is Eye Pause. We are not sure about what it does.

Eye Sensing Technology

Eye Sensing Technology

Eye tracking system is not new to Samsung. It has already implemented a feature called Smart Stay in its bestselling smartphone Galaxy S III. It uses the front-facing camera to sense user’s eyes to keep screen lit up when the user is looking at it.

This month Samsung is going to launch its next big smartphone. It is Samsung Galaxy S IV. This smartphone will feature innovative software including Eye Scrolling.

According to sources eye scrolling as the name suggests will be an auto-scroll feature. It will scan the user’s eyes to see if the user is gazing at the bottom of the screen. If so, the eye scrolling feature will auto-scroll the screen to reveal the next portion of the screen.

It is not sure, if Eye Scrolling feature will be demonstrated at the Galaxy S IV press conference to be held at New York on March 14, 2013.

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