Microsoft is in the process of developing an interactive self-sketching whiteboard called Microsoft SketchInsight which will act like a Digital Canvas and will be used to complete diagrams, sketches and drawings easily with pre-loaded data.

Microsoft will exhibit the prototype as a part of its annual technical festival called Microsoft Research TechFest. Some other projects by Microsoft’s key researchers will also be unveiled at the event.

Bongshin Lee demonstrating Microsoft SketchInsight

Bongshin Lee demonstrating Microsoft SketchInsight

The exhibition of SketchInsight will be hosted by Bongshin Lee at Microsoft’s headquarter at Redmond, Washington, USA. She will demonstrate, how a user could easily draw an image on a big touchscreen with the use of pre-loaded data to create illustrative charts, maps, graphs or other diagrams.

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Microsoft SketchInsight is at its early stage of development. It is one of the several large-screen technologies that are being developed by Microsoft. The firm believes that it will be a very useful product in home and offices in the future.

Watch here Bongshin Lee, Key Researcher of SketchInsight Project demonstrating how to work with Microsoft SketchInsight.