India Today Group in its latest survey, ventured cities of India to find out Best Cities of the country. Nine categories were tentatively chosen and the cities were ranked on certain parameters.

TIDEL Park, Chennai : The Largest IT Park of Asia

TIDEL Park, Chennai : The Largest IT Park of Asia

The chief parameters included various factors like quality of education, public transport, restaurants, pollutants, crime rate, hospitals, electricity, LPG and water supply, GDP per personnel, credit per person etc.

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The result breaks our general myth about our opinion on metropolitan cities. Here is the result :

Housing and Transport
Best City : Thiruvananthapuram
Emerging City : Rajkot
Parameters : Quality of Public Transport, Percentage of Slum Population

Best City : Gurgaon
Emerging City : Nagpur
Parameters : Number of Malls, Restaurants, Cultural Activities and Religious Celebrations

Best City : Chennai
Emerging City : Madurai
Parameters : Quality of Classrooms and Expenditure on Education

Best City : Shimla
Emerging City : Madurai
Parameters : Level of Suspended Particulate Matter and Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter

Crime and Safety
Best City : Gandhinagar
Emerging City : Surat
Parameters : Percentage of Violent Crimes and Crimes against Women

Public Services
Best City : Shimla
Emerging City : Vadodara
Parameters : Penetration of LPG Usage, Frequency of Power Cuts, Sewerage and Water Supply System

Best City : Howrah
Emerging City : Nashik
Parameters : Easy Access to Doctors and Hospitals by People from All Economic Sections

Best City : Hyderabad
Emerging City : Ludhiana
Parameters : GDP per Worker, Percentage of Population Below Poverty Line

Best City : Chandigarh
Emerging City : Coimbatore
Parameters : Credit per Person Ratio