It is hardly 2-3 days before, we saw Sony announcing its partnership with Mozilla Corporation to launch Firefox OS powered smartphones in association with telecom operator Telefonica. Now it seems that Sony is quite serious about this and has started working on the plans from the first day. Sony’s Firefox OS powered smartphones are expected to come next year, but to feel the experience and to get feedback from users, Sony has released experimental version of the Firefox OS software for its budget smartphone Xperia E.

Firefox OS in Sony Xperia E

Firefox OS on Sony Xperia E

The experimental Firefox OS is now available for download, but at the moment, it’s highly recommended for advanced users and app developers, and not for common users, as most of the daily use functions installed in the phone are not working properly.

Along with the software, Sony has also provided complete instructions to flash Firefox OS on Xperia E as well as an introduction to how to start developing applications for Firefox OS. You can read all the instructions by clicking here.