Polytron Technologies, a Taiwan based company has developed a 2nd generation two transparent USB flash drives using its own translucent glass technology. Although both the drives are still not completely transparent, but there are some component, which are transparent. Out of two, one USB drive looks like traditional flash drive with visible USB adapter, but the second one looks pretty cool with invisible USB adapter and seems like a piece of glass.

Transparent USB Stick

Transparent USB Stick

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Both the drives include an embedded LED, just to make sure that the drives are connected to the computers or any other USB compatible devices. These both memory sticks will come in 8, 16 & 32GB storage options and are likely to go for production after Chinese new year at the end of this month. There is no word regarding their prices yet, but we’re damn sure that it won’t be cheap as traditional memory sticks available in market these days .

Polyron's Transparent USB Stick

Polyron’s Transparent USB Stick

Polytron has also showcased a next generation’s transparent smartphone made up of using switchable glass technology. Currently it is in prototype status, hence some of the parts including microSD card, microphones, front camera and batteries are still visible and at the same time, there is no operating system loaded in it. The device is expected to go to the production by the end of this year.