Looks like, HP is now focusing attention to grab a share in global Android tablet market after laptops and PCS. The company is reportedly busy in developing a Android tablet that may be launched after MWC exhibition at the end of this month. As per the technological website Readwrite.com, from where the news has surfaced, the alleged Android tablet will be the first tablet equipped with Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset. NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Processor was announced at CES last month and it features some impressive specs including 72 custom GPU and 4 ARM A15 CPU cores.

HP Android Tablet-Likely to come in Near Future

HP Android Tablet-Likely to come in Near Future

There are also rumors that HP might launch its first Android powered smartphone this year, but the company’s CEO Meg Whitman has cleary declined the rumor and said that HP will not offer a mobile phone this year at least.

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This is the company’s 2nd attempt to launch an Android tablet in market. In 2010, HP had launched its first Android tablet named TouchPad running Android 2.2 Froyo operating system instead of its own WebOS platform.

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It’s still unclear whether the reports of HP adopting Android are true, but if it is, this could be a huge development for Google, for the future. Google wants to get Android into the PC space, and HP could help do that. Despite a last couple of lackluster years, the company’s PC business has recently overtaken Lenovo, in terms of the number of units shipped.