Localytics, an independent firm that provides analytics and marketing tools for mobile app developers and marketers, has revealed the list of most popular Top 10 Android devices by Users – Jan 2013, and it’s the Samsung’s Android devices which are dominated the list all around. In the list, Samsung’s wildly popular Galaxy S3 has secured the top position followed by Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Y.

Localytics' List of top-10-android-devices-january-2013

Localytics’ List of top-10-android-devices-january-2013

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Motorola Droid RAZR are the only two non-Samsung devices which have managed to make their presence in the list. As per the Localytics, Samsung has accounted 47% of Android device in December, 2012, and 48% in November, but it’s the Amazon’s Kindle Fire who has grabbed the top spot for Android tablet with 37% dominance in Android market, with a majority of users coming from the U.S.