They say love can’t be measured, they lie. Recent researches suggest that by looking at brain scans of couples in love, it can be foretold that if the relationship is going to last long.

Brain Scans of Long Lasting and Short Lasting Relationships

Brain Scans of Long Lasting and Short Lasting Relationships

Scientists have studied patterns of brain scans of people in love. By the activity of neurons in brain scan, they can predict if the couple have strong enough feelings for a relationship to sustain at least 40 months ahead.

Research was done on several volunteers who were shown pictures of their partner and asked to think about them intensely while their brains were being scanned. With span of time, it was found that those relationships tended to last in which the couple brains showed more activity in caudate tail area (which senses physical beauty), and less activity in medial orbitofrontal cortex area (which senses criticism and judgement).

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You might be thinking that you strongly love your partner and can remain with him/her forever, but brain patterns tell a different story. The couples who stay longer together with each other have the pleasure centers in their brain less active.

The lead author of the research Xiaomeng Xu at Brown University in Rhode Island told Daily Mail :

Xiaomeng Xu
Factors present early in the early stages of romantic love seem to play a major role in the development and longevity of the relationship. Our data provides preliminary evidence that neural responses in the early stages of romantic love can predict relationship stability and quality up to 40 months later. The brain regions involved suggest that reward functions may be predictive for relationship stability.
Publisher: Daily Mail