LONDON (UK): The deadly measles outbreak in UK is giving tough time and panic to health officials. It is believed to be the worst measles epidemic outbreak since last 20 years.

Measles is highly infectious disease which primarily targets children and mainly spreads through respiration. The culprit virus called paramyxovirus spreads with fluids from patients’ nose and mouse either directly or through aerosol transmission.

Measles Epidemic Disease

Measles Epidemic Disease

Government sources suggest that in England last year (2012) there were 2016 registered cases of measles which is highest gross total since 1994. This is approximately 40 times that in 1998 and 6 times that in 2002.

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UK, Italy, France, Spain and Romania together had 87% of total 7392 registered measles cases throughout Europe by November 2012. It is suspected that the infection was brought from abroad by tourists.

In 2006-2007, there were gross 12132 registered measles cases in Europe out of them 85% occurred in 5 countries namely UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Romania. 80% of the target group were children.