Afzal Guru is now dead but the media is warm about the exclusive news about him. You might be very curious to know what happened inside Delhi Tihar Jail premises. Here is the exclusive report of his 15-hour countdown to death.

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Afzal was locked in high security ward of Jail No. 3 of Delhi Tihar Jail. On Friday evening, the jail superintendent had offered him his favorite food which he refused to eat. He probably got suspicious that it’s going to be the last night of his life.

He was restless and sleepless the whole night and didn’t eat anything. He kept on drinking lot of water and offered Namaz. He was officially informed at 4 AM that he is going to be hanged 4 hours later.

Afzal Guru's 15-Hour Death Countdown

Afzal Guru’s 15-Hour Death Countdown

At 7:30 AM (Saturday Morning) he was pulled out of his ward and moved towards the hanging place inside Jail No. 3. While he was being hanged eight persons were present there – jail superintendent, deputy jail superintendent, DG, DIG, magistrate, a doctor, a hangman and a jail staff. Afzal was hanged for 8 minutes, afterwards the doctor examined him thoroughly and declared him dead. 12 CCTV cameras were installed at the hanging place.

The hangman was called from Tamil Nadu. Afzal’s dead body was buried near jail No. 3 in presence of a maulvi who performed his last rituals. When asked about his last wish before dying Afzal wanted holy Quran.