Reebok is known to build unconventional shoes with odd looks. This time Reebok has gone too far. Latest from the brand is Reebok ATV 19+ Sports Shoe which is debuting in the market today (February 1, 2013) priced at USD $140.

Reebok ATV 19+ Sports Shoe

Reebok ATV 19+ Sports Shoe

The shoe has somewhat rugged looks. Reebok ATV 19+ has 19 odd looking spikes as you can see in the picture. These spikes will provide sufficient friction needed for sports movements. The outer spikes are designed poking outwards to occupy more surface area on the ground to keep the runner stable and balanced.

The shoe has received amazing response from the audience. While most appreciate the design, there are also many who are criticizing its strange look. Whatever may be the response, the shoe has got sufficient publicity and will most probably be welcomed by customers.

Bill McInnis (Head of Reebok Advanced Concepts) is a former NASA scientist, who helped design the odd look and grips. In the following video, he tells exactly how the shoe works.

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