If you use to tweet regularly then you may have observed that in tweets the words separated by a dot or period is interpreted as a web address and will auto-convert into a clickable link wrapped inside a t.co URL.

Twitter auto-converts words in certain formats into hyperlinks.

Twitter auto-converts words in certain formats into hyperlinks.

Actually this facility is provided by Twitter in order to avoid writing http:// in your tweets and will still convert all the included web addresses into hyperlinks. This is helpful when a user provides a link, by simply clicking on that you can go to web page and can save some time.

Forcing Twitter to Display URLs in Non-clickable Text Format

However, if you want Twitter to display URLs in plain text and not convert them into hyperlinks, here’s a simple trick – just replace the period (or dot) symbol in your tweet with its ASCII equivalent [&#o46;] and Twitter would display your message without conversion.

For instant, if I were to tweet – “Is techpuffs.com running?”, the modified tweet will read like “Is techpuffs&#o46;com runnung?” and Twitter will show that link in non-clickable text format.