Smartphones are not the only innovations that Huawei has showcased at CES-2013 in Las Vegas. The Chinese manufacturer has also unveiled an data card named UltraStick E3331 which is, what they claimed is world’s smallest 3G data card at the moment.

Huawei UltraStick E3331-World's Smallest 3G Data card

Huawei UltraStick E3331-World’s Smallest 3G Data card

The data card is 67.5mm long, 25.5 mm wide and 7mm in thickness. As per the company, it offers speeds of up to HSPA+ 21 Mbps in the PA+ network, and also runs on the IPV6 network seamlessly. It is preloaded with latest HiLink technology similar to the Huawei’s E303Cs, allowing users to connect to the internet in less than 15 seconds, once it is connected to a device.

The Huawei UltraStick E3331 will be available in Philippines first from February this year and then gradually be launched across the globe. There is no word regarding its price yet.