Blogs address nearly any subject that you can think of nowadays, and often there are hundreds if not thousands of them out there. Some are well written, updated often, and have a steady stream of writers. One of the characteristics of these better run blogs is that many of them accept what is known as a guest post.

This is a simple concept – the blog gets a well written piece that will appeal to the readers; in exchange for that there is usually one or two links embedded in the text. This is also made quite apparent to the reader, but it is a very open process where you are giving both the blog and the reader something of value. Namely, the guest post.

Guest Post Marketing

Guest Post Marketing

If they find the post informative or entertaining, they may follow the link to your company. No matter what your service or business is, or even if you just want to build a following for your personal website where money is not involved, this process works excellently.

It gives you direct access to the very people who most need your business, and this is always the hardest thing to accomplish in any marketing venture. The power of the internet is that people automatically self-identify themselves as part of a particular group by reading the blog.

Take a leather working supply company, for example. They are traditionally a locally based company, but their product is perfect for shipping because of weight considerations. And, a wide array of people, identified through blogs, may have an interest in or immediate need of their product.

In this instance, you would identify blogs in several areas – highland games and renaissance festivals, blogs dealing with horses (for saddles and saddlebags, reins etc). Even blogs dealing with firearms could be appropriate. Leather is a prime material for high quality holsters, and it would be easy to incorporate this into a guest post on a blog dealing with firearms.

The WL Marketing Guest Post Submission Service is a good example of how much a team of individuals, hired by a company, can make in the speed and ease with which a guest posting strategy is put into place.

After the post is written, the blogs identified and contacted, the guest post is submitted. When it is approved, it will contain one or two links directly to your company’s website. This will be a direct conduit to you and you can easily track which blog the customer comes from with tools like Google Analytics.

Because of the links, this will also increase your page ranking and that of the blog, which is one of the reasons many blogs actually want guest posting. The writing must be of the best quality, though, which will enhance their reader’s enjoyment and increase their knowledge. An article on home tanning on a hunting blog would be a good example of referencing what you sell in a sideways fashion.

This strategy allows you to target specific sets of customers in a customized, very low pressure way that nevertheless results in excellent ROI. Good guest posting takes a little effort, but it is worth that effort and more.