Panasonic has introduced an innovative and first of its kind headphone at the CES-2013 in Las Vegas. Termed as Bone Conduction TV headphone, it’s different from normal headphones in the sense that it doesn’t have any kind of speakers and it is capable of transmitting sound wave through skull rather than using ears.

Panasonic's Bone Conduction Headphones

Launch of Panasonic’s Bone Conduction Headphone at CES-2013

The headphone can be connected to a TV through Bluetooth Wireless standard and can be attached to the head just like normal set of headphone and it works just like hearing aids by transmitting sound waves through skull. This innovative headphone will be useful for those people who want to enjoy late night TV shows without disturbing their sleeping family and neighbours.

At CES, apart from Bone Conduction TV headphone, Panasonic has also showcased many innovations like an easy way to send YouTube videos from smartphone to the TV and a new user interface for its “Smart Viera” TVs, featuring a TV-mounted camera that recognizes the user and sets viewing preferences accordingly.