In its recent series of predictions in 2013, the American business magazine Forbes has predicted that Nokia may sell its smartphone and mobile division.

Forbes declares that this prediction might come as a major sock to Nokia admirers. In 2013, Nokia may sell its smartphone division to Microsoft and rest of the mobile phone division and infrastructure to Huawei, so that it can focus more on its software and services.

Nokia : Prominent Global Handset Manufacturer

Nokia : Prominent Global Handset Manufacturer

The shocking prediction mirrors Nokia’s trouble of its huge investment on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Operating System which has failed to attract buyers as compared to Google’s Android.

Nokia which once hold major market share in handsets, is now rapidly loosing its business to competitors Samsung and Apple. Nokia’s major bet on its Lumia series of smartphones, has not yielded favorable results for Nokia.

Some other major predictions of 2013 from Forbes include :

  • 4G Telecom Network will be the new standard, while 3G and 2G will serve low-cost options.
  • Google, Microsoft and Amazon will launch their own mobile phones. Google’s phone will be somewhat different from its current Nexus products and will be manufactured by Google through its acquired Motorola. Microsoft will come up with improved version of Microsoft Surface smartphone. Amazon may expand its Kindle Fire series of mini-tablets with low-cost smartphone under the same brand.