SYDNEY : As per recent reports, Apple and Intel has joined hands to develop and manufacture SmartWatch. The smart device will be equipped with Bluetooth and will act as a companion to smartphones. It will feature 1.5 Inch PMOLED Screen made by RiTDisplay with ITO-Coated Glass. The gadget is expected to come in market before June 2013.

In the past, there has not been favorable market for SmartWatches. The idea can work for Apple and Intel only if they come up with some new and innovative features.

The concept is not new to Apple. 6th Generation of Apple’s iPod Nano also attracted sales of third party manufactured wrist straps to make the gadget wrist wearable.

However, the famous tech-blog TechCrunch has suspicion about the news, as there are already similar products in market which are not in demand.

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