It seems impossible to stop Samsung in terms of cutting-edge technology. The South Korean electronics maker is in way to develop bendable phone screen that will be showcased in CES 2013 set to be held from January 10-13, 2012. Samsung has plans to implement the screen on smartphones and televisions.

On CES Samsung will prominently showcase a 5.5 Inch Flexible Screen primarily made for smartphone. The display will have 1280×720 pixel HD resolution and 267 pixel density. In addition, the team will also show off a television-size 55-inch screen. Samsung team will also exhibit a 55 Inch TV screen.

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Screen for CES 2013

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Screen for CES 2013

The smartphone screen will be bendable to some degree but it’s not yet possible to make it roll completely. Touch panel and cover lens will be separately developed for the screen.

Similar products have been developed by LG and Nokia who recently demonstrated bendy prototypes for tablets and smartphones.

With its ongoing line of innovative products, recently Samsung also showcased a 30 Inch Transparent Display made up of glass. Samsung team of researchers were working on the project for years.

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