LONDON : Such is the charm of K-Pop Single by South Korean musician PSY’s Gangnam Style and his horse-riding dance that the Collins English Dictionary from Britain is planning to honour it with its recognition title Collins’ Words of the Year.

The World Most Watched YouTube Video - PSY's Gangnam Style

The World Most Watched YouTube Video – PSY’s Gangnam Style

Other Collins Dictionary’s Words of the Year along with Gangnam Style are Fiscal Cliff, Romneyshambles, 47 Percent, Mummy P0rn, Superstorm etc.

Approximately 7000 entries were submitted in the online database of the famous dictionary. Out of these 12 words were selected for 12 months of year 2012. The criteria of selecting these words were – how frequently they were spoken, how many places they appeared, and how long they were discussed in public.

Collins made it clear that there is no guarantee that if these words will be included in the next version of the dictionary.

Similarly, Fiscal Cliff created sufficient buzz as a part of United States Congress and President Barack Obama’s agreement on Government Budget and Tax Plans appeared.

Romneyshambles was in a similar fashion heavily discussed among British public after Mitt Romney visited London in July 2012, and raised serious questions over Britain’s fit out to host Olympics.

Now story of 47 Percent is the leaked video of Willard Mitt Romney (Obama’s Opponent in Presidential Election) in which he was seen declaring donors that 47% of Americans would certainly vote for Obama due to their dependency on the American Government.

Mummy P0rn gained popularity after popularity of the er0tic fiction Fifty Shades Trilogy (including Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed). Superstorm was another heavily discussed topic after Superstorm Sandy that created havoc and severe devastation during last week of October 2012, in Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.