There are a lot of accessories that you can buy from an Apple store. One of the main things that most people complain about is their price, but this is because Apple manufactures almost all of their accessories, so they have a monopoly on what is on sale. They have also created the iPhone without a USB port, so that other accessories cannot be added to it. This article is about the different accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone 5. People who have an iPhone 5, or are thinking about buying an iPhone 5, will benefit from this article, as it shows five different accessories that you can purchase online for your phone.

Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods

These include the Belkin ProFit Armbands, Cygnett UrbanShield case, Griffin Survivor Military-Duty case, Apple EarPods and Lightning to 30-pin adaptor. You should read this article if you want to know about different accessories that you can buy for you iPhone 5, and their respective benefits.

1. Belkin Profit Armband

If you are a sporty type of person, you will like this accessory, as it is water-resistant, with this iPhone 5 case you will not have to stop every half an hour to dry yourself in order to check your phone. It also has a custom, clasp-closure design for further ease of use.

The material that is used makes the case lightweight, breathable and gives easy access to take it off and return to your case, whilst enjoying your daily routine. You can purchase Belkin Profit Armband cases online at the moment, but some store are starting to stock as they get in new stock for the changing season.

2. Cygnett Urbanshield Case

Every respectable iPhone should have the Cygnett urbanshield case, because this case means business! You can get this IPhone case in carbon fiber too, as well as in brushed aluminum (which certainly looks the part for your iPhone 5).

This case comes in four colors: black, blue, silver and bronze. They have all four for the carbon fiber and brushed aluminum look too. It is a slim fit for your iPhone, so it doesn’t make you phone look or feel any bigger than what it is. With this case you also receive a screen protector.

3. Griffin Survivor Military-Dirty Case

This is a shatter resistant heavy-duty case, if you are a person who hates breaking your iPhone but keeps doing it–this case is for you. It is shockproof and splash proof, so you can use your iPhone in the rain without worrying that it will be damaged.

This case also protects your phone from dirt and sand, and when you purchase the shatter-resistant case, you will also receive a belt clip to prevent you losing your phone. This case also comes in a range of different colors to suit you.

4. Apple EarPods

These are the headphones that come with the iPhone 5. They are on sale because the original headphones may not last as long as your phone, so what do you do if your iPhone headphones break? You can now purchase the original iPhone headphones in stores as an accessory. These headphones have an inline Mic.

This means that you can remotely change your songs without going into your phone to do so; you need simply use voice commands to change your song, and they have an open port design too. Apple has high hopes for this product as people always need new headphones for their phones, and with them being the original apple headphones, you already know their sound and build quality.

5. Lightning to 30 Pin Adaptor

Some people think that paying for an adaptor for your iPhone 5 is silly, and many people complain that the adaptor is a bit expensive; however, this is because the adaptor includes a digital to analogue converter. With this adaptor you can head over to the iPhone 4s accessory list and grab yourself some bargains for your iPhone 5.

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