NEW YORK: In a new trend, employers are increasingly searching Facebook, Twitter and other social websites to find suitable employees. To call before a job interview, they prefer to know about the candidate through his social profiles.

A new research study done by BusinessNewsDaily suggested huge impact of social profiles on employer’s mindset. The study was done on 4400 job-seekrs aged between 18-25 years group. 230 Human Resource Professionals were engaged in the study to find out results.

Facebook affecting Recruitments

Facebook affecting Recruitments

It came out that more than 90% employers turn to social profiles to check candidates’ suitability. It was also evident that profiles displaying pictures of alcoholism, nudity, abusive content reduced their chances of getting a job call. Negative or unsuitable comments and extremist views also irritates employers. Statistics showed that nearly 50% employers rejected job applications primarily due to unsuitable social profiles.

It is not just Facebook and Twitter. Recruiters and managers are also looking at Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr etc to examine a candidate’s suitability.

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