Everything in life evolves. Appliances are not immune to this evolution. Since the 1980’s, more and more appliances have been more readily available for consumers.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Working Parents

The days of moms staying home to take care of the home seem to be a thing of the past. That means that parents are working longer hours and are away from the home more than ever. This leaves less time to cook and clean. The need for convenience is one that is ever growing in demand. The microwave was the first real time saving appliance that was seen at saving huge amounts of time. Meat could be thawed out and cooked in a fraction of the time.

Growing Needs

McDonald’s wasn’t the only one to super-size things. Consumers over the last 3 decades have supersized everything they can. They buy more of everything than ever. Refrigerators have grown in size, as well as washers and dryers and even water heaters. This means that manufacturers have had to battle the fact of larger appliances, but make them cheaper to run. Hence, the birth of energy efficient appliances came about.

New Appliances

Over the last 30 years, we have seen many new appliances hit the market. We have seen advances in glass top and flat top stoves, wine chillers, on-demand water heaters and convection ovens. In addition to new appliances there have been advances in appearance. There are now refrigerators, trash compactors and other appliances that appear to be cabinets. They add beauty to kitchens without looking like a big industrial appliance. There are now drawers that are refrigerators or dish washers.

Time Saving

There are now appliances that are designed to cut down usage time. This started with the microwave 30 years ago and has continued to be improved in other areas since. There are washing machines that have gotten wash and dry times down to half an hour. There are convection ovens that cook in minutes. Stove tops that boil water in less than a minute. On-demand water heaters that instantly provide hot water rather than waiting half an hour to produce enough hot water to cook, shower and wash clothes.

Looking Forward

With as many advances that have been made in the last 3 decades, the future is sure to bring more time saving appliances. The future will bring more pleasing designs to enhance the beauty of kitchens, quicker response time for appliances and more energy and water saving features on appliances. All these advances will be made while trying to keep them as inexpensive and energy efficient as possible.

Over the last 3 decades we have seen the birth of many wonderful appliances. We have seen microwaves, flat top stoves, wine chillers and front loader washers and dryers. Some appliances have gotten bigger, like refrigerators, water heaters, washers and dryers. Other appliances have gotten smaller like convection ovens and microwaves. We have seen appliances developed now that resemble cabinetry instead of industrial looking appliances. Refrigerators exteriors are now adorned to look like cabinets, drawers have been made into refrigerators, chillers and dish washers. The future offers exciting new products that enhance beauty, functionality, timesaving features and cut down on the electric and water bills. As long hours demand parents to be away from the home more, you can bet appliances will be created to make the most out of the time they are home.