If you’re looking for a job in the technology field, you’re in luck: the tech field is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. If you thought you were relegated to designing websites for a living, you may be pleasantly surprised. Here are five great jobs in the technology field that are expected to have continued growth :

Expert Database Administrator

Expert Database Administrator

1. System Administrator

Companies and government entities across the country hire system administrators to set up and maintain their networks. As a system administrator, you may be asked to install a network, troubleshoot tech issues and even set up new software. Because more companies are relying on computer systems every day, system and network administrator jobs continue to grow at an exponential rate. As a system administrator, you can enter almost any field that you choose, making this one of the best choices of careers in the technology field.

2. Information Security Specialist

As cyber-attacks become more common, companies are turning to information security specialists to protect their sensitive data. As an ISS, you’ll be expected to ensure the safety and security of any networks that your company sets up. You’ll be charged with keeping information safe from hackers and from internal breaches in security. If you’re interested in both crime and technology, this can be the perfect career. As an information security specialist, you will be an integral part of any investigation into data leakage, espionage or general lapse in security within the company.

3. Database Administrator

Any company that utilized databases needs an administrator to make sure that things operate smoothly at all times. You may work closely with a system administrator or be employed as the sole person in charge of keeping everything running at optimum levels. In addition to maintaining your company’s database, you’ll be tasked with the job of initiating improvements to the current system and knowing when those improvements are necessary.

4. Telecommunications Specialist

A telecommunications specialist has a wide range of job duties. You’ll be responsible for all aspects of your company’s communications. You’ll need to know how to design, install and maintain your company’s communications systems to ensure their proper operation. You’ll also need to diagnose and repair any connection problems that arise within the system.

5. Web Developer

Most companies today have a presence on the web and need someone who can both design and maintain an effective site. You may need to keep the site up-to-date, initiate a social media presence or may even be put in charge of answering web queries. If you know the latest coding, you’ll be in high demand by top companies. If you have an interest in web development, start building your portfolio now; you’ll want to have a way to show prospective employers that they need your expertise.

There are a variety of careers in the technology field that may appeal to you. A degree will make you desirable to hundreds of companies. If you have an interest in computers, do a bit of research and find out how you could make a degree work for you.