Sony has announced through its Xperia blog last week that it is going to resume selling of its Xperia S tablet from mid-November. The Xperia S tablet was showcased at the IFA conference in Berlin this year and goes on sale in USA from September7,2012 followed by Japan, Europe and other countries.

All was well and the tablets were also shipping at a tremendous rate all around the world. But at the starting of the October, Sony stopped selling Xperia tablet after reporting a defect (gap between the screen and the case), which made this waterproof tablet susceptible to water damage. After acknowledging this problem, Sony had promised to look into the matter soon and promised a fix for the 100,000 tablets that the company had managed to ship by that time. Sony has also provided a free inspection and repair facilities for the Xperia S tablet from October 22, which have been purchased earlier. Now it seem that Sony has completely fixed this problem and thus has decided to resume the sales of Xperia S tablets.

Sony Xperia S - 9.4-inch Tablet Powered by Android ICS

Sony Xperia S – 9.4-inch Tablet Powered by Android ICS

For those who are new to Xperia S tablet, I would like to mention that Sony Xperia S is a full-fledged 9.4 inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet equipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Featuring 8MP rear camera and 1Mp front camera , the tablet was available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions.