Electricity in Residential Houses

Electricity is the soul of any residential house.

Electricity is a basic necessity of life. It is as much dangerous as it is useful. If you follow some basic safety rules, then you’ll always save yourself from any electric hazard. TechPuffs brings for you some basic rules to follow when dealing with electricity.

Electric Shock

Carelessness when dealing with switches can give you severe electric shock.

Safety Rules to Avoid Electric Shocks

  1. Switches or fuses should be opened or closed quickly. If you do them slowly then they cause sparks and hence significantly reduce the life of the switch or fuse and increase chances of shock.
  2. Never test circuit with hands to check if there is current flowing. 🙂
  3. Always use wires of high quality insulation.
  4. Do not touch and handle electrical circuits with wet hands or wounded hands.
  5. Live circuits should be worked upon only on the express order of supervisors. Make sure to maintain all safety measures. Also make sure to availability of first-aid and artificial respiration in case of immediate need.
  6. Do not renew fuse until you have proper reason to replace it.
  7. Do not on a switch unless you know the circuit and what it regulates. Also make sure someone else is not working on the circuit to avoid shocks.
  8. Never touch a bare conductor or circuit unless you are sure it is dead and earthed.
  9. Make sure, not to disconnect earthing connection and other safety devices.
  10. Do not work on lively hot circuits without extra safety measures such as rubber gloves.
  11. Always disconnect a plug by pulling the plug itself and not by pulling the wire attached to it.
  12. Never throw water on live electrical appliances, wires or circuits in case of fire. Also, do not use fire extinguisher in case of electrical fire unless it is clearly marked for the purpose. You can use sand and blankets.
  13. In case a person is getting electrical shocks when in contact with a live wire, don’t attempt to rescue him by touching him / her. You can push him with a dry wood piece or any good and dry insulator.
  14. In case of severe electric shocks, artificial respiration should not be stopped until recovery, or unless death is certified by a doctor.
  15. Guest and unauthorized visitors should not be allowed to touch or operate electrical apparatus or come within the danger zone of HV apparatus.
Electricity Hazards

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