It’s often that while going to purchase AC (Air Conditioner), people overlook the cooling capacity that they actually need and end up in purchasing an undersize or oversize AC. Here TechPuffs brings for you extensive guide on – How much cooling capacity do you actually need and what capacity of AC you should actually purchase? Read on.

Why Proper Cooling Capacity should be Chosen for Specific Room?

Proper cooling capacity should be chosen for a specific room. If the capacity chosen is smaller than needed, then the air conditioner will continually run with its maximum pace eating too much of electrical energy. Also, it will be ineffective in cooling properly.

Choose Right Ton Air Conditioner

Choose Right Ton Air Conditioner

Similarly, in case of oversize cooling capacity, the compressor often turns on and off and hence unnecessarily causing wastage of energy. Every time compressor starts it consumes 6 times more energy than its steadily running state. It also shortens the life of the compressor as well as the other components. Furthermore, an oversize AC will cause discomfort to residents due to improper humidity.

Air Conditioning Calculations in Ton or BTU/Hr

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is a unit to measure energy. So, BTU/Hr is a measure of power in physics terminology. Most of the air conditioners now a days use Ton or Watt as a measure of power. One can easily convert BTU/Hr, Ton and W (Watt) into each other.

Below are given simple formulas for easy calculation of the right cooling capacity for a specific room.

Conversion Factor :
1 Refrigeration Ton = 12000 BTU/Hr = 3517 W

Volume of Room in Cubic Ft =
Length in Ft x Breadth in Ft x Height in Ft

Cooling Capacity in BTU/Hr =
(6 x Volume of Room in Cubic Ft) + (500 x No. of People to use the Room)

Cooling Capacity in Ton =
(Cooling Capacity in BTU/Hr) / 12000

Cooling Capacity in Watt =
Cooling Capacity in Ton x 3517