Whether you are thanking your best customers or trying to attract new clients, gift giving may be a part of your marketing strategy. You may be surprised to find out that the way you present your gifts can be more important than the gifts themselves. The packaging that you choose will be the first thing that your customers see, and that first impression should reflect positively on your business. Here’s how to choose the perfect packaging :

Attractive Gift Packaging

Attractive Gift Packaging

1. Color

Studies have shown for years that colors themselves invoke feelings in people on a subconscious level. Before you choose a color for your packaging materials, decide what feelings you want your customers to walk away with. For example, choosing a green, brown or cream can give your customers a sense of freshness and calm. Choosing a color in the red family will offer a feeling of vibrancy and excitement. Do a bit of research on the psychological effect of colors before you make your choice.

2. Material

When you start looking into retail packaging, you’ll quickly find that you have a myriad of materials to choose from. You can use organza bags, traditional paperboard boxes and even shrink wrap for your gifts. The material you choose for your gift should depend on the weight, size and value of the gift. Your first goal should be to keep the object protected while it is in transit.

3. Theme

Themed packaging can be a fun way to present your gift. You can find boxes and bags printed with paws, animal patterns, stars, hearts and other shapes. Paws can be a good choice if you are a groomer or operate another petcentric business. If you run a boutique, animal prints are a fun way to express your style. Before you decide on themed packaging, make sure that the theme matches the attitude of your business and gives the proper impression.

4. The Gift

When you’re deciding on packaging, keep your gift in mind. For instance, you shouldn’t pack a heavy paper-weight in an organza bag. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to pack a bottle of wine in a gift box. The packaging you choose should be appropriate for the gift that you are giving. Look for packaging materials that are able to handle both the weight and the size of the object that you are gifting.

5. Your Business

If you run an accounting firm, you may want to choose traditional packaging materials for your gift. If you run a bakery, you may want to use packaging that’s a bit more light-hearted and fun. Remember that the packaging you choose will speak volumes about the culture of your business.

Attractive Gifts can be a Good Business Strategy

Attractive Gifts can be a Good Business Strategy

If you are running a business, gift-giving should be a part of your strategy. The manner in which you package those gifts should be creative and appropriate. Research colors, materials and themes to choose the perfect retail packaging for all of the gifts you give.