Small businesses are exciting and great for the adventurous, but sometimes you get into a situation where your business is just losing you money, putting the business and even your life at risk. If you’re draining your coffers to finance your business, it’s time to look carefully to see what can be done.

Cut Expenses to the Bone

If you’re losing money, one of the first things you need to do is find as many ways to save as possible, in both your professional and personal life. Cut down all expenses, and look into making your business as efficient as possible. Increasing production and decreasing cost isn’t always possible, but it can often be done if you use a little ingenuity and rethink how you operate your business. Cut any overhead costs, run your business from home, and talk to an accountant about the best ways to save money on taxes. Do everything possible to help yourself stop the outward flow of money.

Grocery Store - Small Business

Grocery Store – Small Business

Get Aggressive

Businesses often fail because the owner is too busy with other things or too afraid to step on toes to give the business a real chance. If you have a business, you need to be actively seeking customers, advertising your product any way you can, and constantly networking with other people to give your company a step up the ladder.

If lots of people know you and know your company, you’re much more likely to get the customers and business prospects you need to be successful, and the only way to get that ball rolling is by putting yourself out there and working hard to make your business known.

Back to the Drawing Board

If you can’t make money with the product you sell, you may need to rethink that product and either revamp it so it’s more viable, or scrap it altogether and come up with something new. This is very difficult for most small business owners because of the time and energy you’ve invested, but it’s important to look at the numbers and make intelligent decisions. Don’t let emotions cause you to hold onto a dying concept and throw good money after bad. Look at sunk costs as just that, sunk.

If you’re not sure what to do to fix your product, make sure to ask others and get the opinions of your customer base. If you know exactly what went wrong with your first product and what others want, you can create something better that will meet your needs and those of your customers. Get creative, think outside the box, and put the time into a product that will be successful before you put more money into it.

Small businesses can be difficult, and the stress of losing money is a terrific strain on anybody. If it’s a consistent drain, you could put your business and your own finances onto a disastrous track. Don’t let your business constantly lose you money; instead, do something about it to either make your business successful or to get a fresh start and cutting loose the albatross around your neck.