A few days ago, while visiting to one of my neighbor’s house, I met these two twins. These 10 month old male-babies amazingly look similar and portray same expressions.

Their mother Mrs. Neetu was too generous to share activities of these beautiful toddlers. She told me – how they both cry simultaneously and both at the same time get sick. They have similar habits as well. She and her husband have named the babies Adarsh Raj and Harsh Raj. Their pet names are Luv and Kush inspired from the two brave twins of one of the greatest Indian Epic called Ramayana.

She also shared with me her family album, out of which I borrowed these two photographs to publish on TechPuffs. I am sharing the scanned copies here. In these photographs Adarsh (Luv) is in pink and Harsh (Kush) is in red.

See these physically similar twins.

See these physically similar twins.

Monozygotic Twins - Adarsh Raj and Harsh Raj

Monozygotic Twins – Adarsh Raj and Harsh Raj

Download here the high resolution HD version of the images above :

Let’s get into scientific details of the birth phenomenon of such twins. Such twins are of same sex and have prominent physical similarities. Such twins are called Monozygotic (MZ) Twins or Identical Twins.

There are several different types of twins as well, but in this particular twin-situation the ovary releases single egg which gets fertilized by a single male-sperm forming a single zygote. It is this zygote that later divides to form two (or in rare cases more) separate embryos. Onwards, the divided embryos develop independently resulting in twin births. Since, these twins are formed from a single zygote, they are called Monozygotic Twins or MZ Twins.