With the always rising prices of petroleum products, it has become the need of modern times to fine tune your car for fuel efficiency, so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Fuel Economy must not be overlooked

Fuel Economy must not be overlooked.

Small cars are always known to provide better fuel economy. Maruti Suzuki cars are the well-appreciated vehicles of the country and one among all is Maruti Suzuki Alto, the bestselling model of the leading brand. The Alto is not only honored for its great price and low maintenance costs but also for its fantastic fuel efficiency, making it the most popular small car of the nation. It’s true that the awesome Alto offers a good mileage of 20.2 KMPL and is a perfect choice for commuting in the busy city streets, especially when fuel costs are at their peak. The very affordable small car Alto is the right option for many.

Now lets have a look at the following smart ways through which you can boost up the fuel economy of your car.

Avoid sudden Stop and Go

Avoid Immediate Stop and Go whenever possible, while driving a Car

Avoid Immediate Stop and Go whenever possible, while driving a Car.

This is the time to get most out of our petrol cars as people are fighting tough against the rising fuel prices and even opting for diesel cars to spare some cash. Remember, small cars offer superb mileage, all you need is to be patient with your vehicle. Better don’t drive your beloved car aggressively and avoid the process of immediate stop and go acceleration, which is the basic reason behind fuel wastage.

Drive through the Highway whenever possible

Riding on Highway provides Better Mileage to your Car

Riding on Highway provides Better Mileage to your Car

We all know that highway drive saves more fuel as compared to a drive in the city traffic. So driving on the highway will always offer good mileage instead of start-stop driving in the busy city roads as that hampers the balanced speed essential for better fuel efficiency. So eliminating the aggressive driving and maintaining the proper speed will save upto 5% of fuel, giving better mileage.

Drive at Right Speed

Next important thing you need to remember is the speed. Driving at right speed and keeping up the same limit is essential.

Drive your Car at Right Speed

Drive your Car at Right Speed

Remember :

  • Slower the speed – Lesser the mileage
  • Higher the speed – Better the mileage

All are calculated as per your driving speed.

Remove Unnecessary Luggage from the Car

Remove Unnecessary Luggage from the Car

Remove Unnecessary Luggage from the Car

The major reason why our cars give lesser fuel economy is the weight we put in it. This reason is often ignored and most of us are not even aware of the same. Filling up our small car with extra people as compared to seating capacity of the vehicle must be avoided at all times. Another thing is stuffing the boot space of your car with unnecessary items and making the car weighty. Shed the entire burden from the luggage space and keep it empty for things that are really required for a journey. Keep in mind that small cars are designed to carry only specific weight and every extra kilogram will let you shed 2% extra fuel.

Maintain the Speed with Right use of Gears

Car Gears should be properly utilized

Car Gears should be properly utilized.

Avoid driving your car harshly. Make sure that you drive the car efficiently as well. Maintain the speed and go easy with right use of gears according to speed selected. The best way to go is by using the cruise control option. All you need is to go according to proper guidelines that will make you save ample of fuel, offering good mileage.

Keep your Car Well Maintained

Scheduled Maintenance of your Car

Scheduled Maintenance of your Car

Your car is a machine and its timely care plus maintenance is critical. Go through scheduled check-up and engine tuning as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure that the car offers the set fuel economy. Also change the engine oil after every 5,000 KM along with timely inspection of tires as they should be properly inflated for saving upto 3% of fuel.