If you are traveling or experiencing irregular internet connectivity issues, your work may come to stand still. However, you can still keep in sync with your emails.

Gmail without Internet on Google Chrome Browser

Gmail without Internet on Google Chrome Browser

How To?

To use offline Gmail you must be using Google Chrome internet browser. If you are not using Google Chrome, then first install it.

Now for offline Gmail on Google Chrome, just download the Gmail Offline Extension for Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store.

After installing, run it.You will be greeted with a choice to enable/disable Offline Mode. Enable it.

Once finished, all your mails in your Gmail account will be synced with your web browser itself, so you can access it even without an internet connection. Simply select “Offline Gmail” from apps menu. You can archive, delete, edit, modify and arrange your emails without Internet connectivity. The extension will automatically sync your data with the online inbox.


Needless to say that, you should not use this feature on public computers.