Nowadays, there had been many male professions for real women. This simply implies that true and hard working women have actually taking over those jobs that were originally meant for men. These women will normally declare that whatever a man be able to do, a woman knows how to do it better. Although real women can be 50 percent of the workforce, but the fact is that they have largely taken over some of the professions of their male counterparts.

Pratibha Devisingh Patil - 12th President of India

Pratibha Devisingh Patil – 12th President of India

This article will highlight some male professions that real women are now doing to earn a living.

Financial Sphere

As women are now graduating in accounting, they are now taking over a lot of financial jobs which were initially perceived as male professions. According to the Women’s Bureau Report, the percentage of women who are financial managers is nothing less than 54.7 percent. Also, 62.8 percent of them are insurance underwriters while 59.3 percent of these women are budget analysts.

Medical Professions

Furthermore, in the medical profession, women are equally moving up into high level positions. There is strong dominance of women in the field of registered nurses with approximately 92 percent of women as the profession is considered to be appropriate for women. In the other areas of medicine in general, women are now out-pacing men.

Female Doctors are as dominating and proficient as their male counterparts

Female Doctors are as dominating and proficient as their male counterparts

The Women’s Bureau revealed that out of the whole medical scientists’ available, 56.7 percent medical scientists, 68.8 psychologists, 61.2 percent of veterinarians and 69.5 percent of health and medical services managers are real women.

Business Management

Not only that, women are equally dominating the field of business management. They are now directors and managers in many big business organizations with their characteristics of nurturing and good communication skills.

Also, women are now prominent in the skill business jobs such as the human resources managers with 68.8 percent real women in the field.

The Surgeon Job

Another profession that entails erratic hours, more training and higher stress but taken over by real women is the surgeon job. Even this job offers higher esteem and payment; it was formerly dominated by men. The psychologists as well as the veterinarians apart from keeping more regular hours frequently have more control over their plan.


Banking is also another male profession for real women at this dispensation. It was difficult to see a woman bank manager before, but most of the bank managers and directors now are women. They are really moving up in the banking profession with a lot of degrees they obtained in banking and finance.

Educational Sphere

In the teaching profession also, women are dominating as they are now lecturers in big time universities and other educational institutions. Not only that, they write research papers in different scientific fields, they are heads of departments, schools and government establishments like the ministry of education.

The Law Profession

Lastly, the law profession is another men profession for women. In 2007 according to the United States Department of Education, 44 percent of women bagged MBAs. Not only that, women are now appointed as Attorney Generals and high court judges.

Sandra Day O'Connor (First Lady US Supreme Court Justice who served from 1981-2006) speaking at a Law Conference held at Washington, D.C. om May 20,2009

Sandra Day O’Connor (First Lady US Supreme Court Justice who served from 1981-2006) speaking at a Law Conference held at Washington, D.C. om May 20,2009

However, the ability of real women taking over male professions is attributed to their determination to excel. From all indications, real women are striving hard to obtain higher college degrees so that they can contend with their men folks for high-paying jobs and professional jobs. They are now graduating in more professional jobs because they want to be engaged in these jobs.