Google X and Apple

Secret Projects of Google X and Apple

US Media has revealed a secret that Google and Apple, separately are working on body wearable small gadgets that would communicate to their smartphones.

The idea behind wearable technology is to promote smartphones i.e. to build gadgets compatible with smartphones. Some business analysts believe that the companies are also researching consumer-opinions about the gadgets to see the market potential of such devices.

Google X Lab

The New York Times has reported that somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a top-secret lab called Google X that very few know exists, Google scientists are secretly developing futuristic projects. More than 100 futuristic projects are believed to be under-development. Some of them are – driverless car, official robot working for his master, space elevator, web-connected dinner dishes and home appliances etc.

The famous Technology Blog of the New York Times, Bits has reported that Google in its secret lab called Google X, is working on gadgets which when connected to one’s body or cloths, can communicate with Android smartphones. It should be noted that Android is the most popular operating system used by most of the smartphones worldwide.

A spokesperson for Google Jill Hazelbaker, didn’t reveal about the secret laboratory. She said however:

While the possibilities are incredibly exciting, please do keep in mind that the sums involved are very small by comparison to the investments we make in our core businesses.

Apple Wrist iPod

Xinhua News Agency of China has revealed that Apple is developing a curved glass, wrist iPod with Apple’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) software Siri. This device will be able to sync data to and from iPhone.

Bits has cited a person with the plan information and reported that Apple has a small group of employees which are working on concepts and prototypes of future gadgets.