Liquipel - The Nano Technology to Waterproof Smartphones

Liquipel - The Nano Technology to Waterproof Smartphones

CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) going on Las Vegas showcased several glamorous electronic products. A new and innovative concept was showcased called Liquipel – a technology to waterproof smartphones. About more than a month ago, the Southern California company launched the first public service to waterproof smartphones.

Liquipel is here in CES 2012 to partnership with major electronics companies to have Liquipel coating pre-applied to their smartphones.

About Liquipel

Liquipel is not a case covering a smartphone, as you might be thinking. It is a transparent clear nano coat or film which is one thousand times thinner than a normal human hair. It is applied on the outer cover as well as internal circuits to permanently waterproof a smartphone. The technology keeps smartphones dry even if it is completely thrown in water.

Liquipel-treated Smartphone Dropped in water

Liquipel-treated Smartphone Dropped in water

Liquipel president Danny McPhail is hopeful to sign deals with smartphone makers. He inserted a Liquipel-treated iPhone into a tub full of water and take it out after sometime to see it working perfectly as before. He said :

Water will just run through the machine. It actually beads right on top of the circuit board and rolls off. Wine spills, coffee spills, anything like that you are going to be protected. I don’t want to say a toilet, but that is where 50 percent of smartphone water deaths happen. Hopefully, the next time you purchase a phone it will already be treated.

Liquipel hopes to get its pending-patent approved soon. It desires to work with manufacturers directly so that to make smartphones Liquipel-pre-installed.

Here is the statement quoted here from official Liquipel website :

Liquipel’s patent-pending waterproof coating is so small, you’d need a powerful microscope to detect the nano sized armor. Don’t let the details fool you. This tiny layer keeps electronics working despite being dropped into water.

Pricing and Device Support

Liquipel charges USD $59 (shipping cost extra) to coat a smartphone. You can’t apply the coat by yourself. You’ll have to send your smartphone to Liquipel. They work promptly and you’ll get your device back in one or two days.

Currently Liquipel supports only – Apple iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, HTC EVO 4G, EVO Shift 4G, MyTouch 4G, Thunderbolt, Motorola Droid X/X2 and Samsung Charge.

Liquipel-treatment apparently has no effect on smartphone working-features like battery charging or network strength. Also, the look and feel of the device has no apparent effect.

Warranty Dilemma

There are few very important questions which are still unanswered.

  • Do they disassemble the device to apply the coating?
  • Will the manufacturer’s warranty be void after Liquipel is applied?

There has not been any official answers to these questions. So, you may want to wait for official statement from them before sending them your device.

Liquipel in Action

Watch this video to see Liquipel-treated device working perfectly when submerged inside water.

You can place your order at Liquipel official website. To visit the website CLICK HERE.