JAISALMER, RAJASTHAN : Parents are now adopting new ways to kill their baby daughters. These practices include but are not limited to ill-feeding the baby girl and not providing her proper medical treatment when she is ill.

Several such incidents are being reported in Jaisalmer area of Rajasthan. On Friday, Deen Singh alias Dileep Singh was arrested and sent to judicial custody for 15 days, after it was found that he denied treatment of his baby daughter (born on June 13, 2012) which eventually caused her death.

Baby Girls being killed in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Baby Girls being killed in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Local medical authorities of Jaisalmer district have reported that members of some communities are deliberately killing baby daughters through these new methods to escape police inquiry. The baby girls are either not fed enough or they are not being provided medical treatment. Within last 10 days, 3 such incidents were reported in Tejmalta and Mandi villages of Jaisalmer district.

SP Mamta Bishnoi told :

Mamta Bishnoi
SDM Fatehgarh has submitted the report to Sangad police station, following which a case was registered and action was taken. A special team recovered the body of the baby for post-mortem. Investigation into the case revealed that Singh did not make any efforts to save the child. During the investigation, contradictory information came to light pointing that Singh was completely careless towards his daughter. He was arrested on Friday and sent to judicial custody on Saturday.

Within 10 days, three such incidents have occured. According to one of the reports, on June 8, 2012 Keku Kanwar gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Tejmalta. The baby was admitted to Jhinjhinyali Primary Health Centre in critical condition on the next day. The baby could not be saved. On the same day, another death of some other baby girl was also reported. The entire family is now missing after the report flashed out.

District collector Shuchi Tyagi accepts such inhuman acts going around in the district. She Said :

Shuchi Tyagi
Some people are deliberately resorting to inhuman methods in order to save themselves from the law. It is a planned conspiracy and of the three recent cases, the newborns were buried in the backyard of the house. They also use chemical or salt so that body gets destroyed quickly. The reasons could not be found in the post-mortem. Therefore, viscera has been sent to FSL for investigation and after the report comes, the reasons of death would be known. We are also talking to experts about what can be done to avoid such incidents.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan in the first episode of Satyamev Jayate has raised the issue. Also there are some other communities such as Tharu which are completely against female feticide.