MUMBAI : This year 86 candidates of top 100 in IIT-JEE 2012 have chosen IIT Bombay as their top priority. Out of those only 77 could be allotted seats in the prestigious tech-school. The 3 girl candidates in top 100 has also opted for IIT Bombay as their top priority. IIT Bombay has, in few years emerged as the dream institute of IIT-JEE crackers. In 2010, 67 of top 100 had opted for IIT Bombay as their top priority.

IIT Bombay Main Building

IIT Bombay Main Building

The same statistics is decreasing in IIT Delhi. This year 19 candidates opted for IIT Delhi as their first choice. Last year this number was 24. IIT Kanpur has got only 3 candidates in top 100 who opted for the institute as the top priority.

If we look more broadly, then we find that among top 1,000 rankers of IIT-JEE 2012, 285 have opted for IIT Bombay, followed by 224 for IIT Delhi.

Let’s see what an official of IIT Delhi has to say about the fact :

Several factors like the location and climate are also in favor of the institute at Mumbai. The choices of top 100 students do not mean anything. Many students qualifying from the south will see Mumbai as a closer option than traveling to the north. It does not reflect on the institute.

CSE 2005 Batch of IIT Bombay on a Recreation Trip

CSE 2005 Batch of IIT Bombay on a Recreation Trip

10 years or something ago, IIT Kanpur used to be the most preferred destination of the top rankers in IIT-JEE. Since 2005, IIT Bombay has gradually changed the scenario.

First Round of Admissions in IITs

First round of admissions to IITs started on Sunday after a delay of 3 days, in which 8,593 boys and 907 girls were allotted seats. CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) was the most chosen discipline followed by Electrical, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

This year’s topper Arpit Agrawal had chosen IIT Delhi. On the other hand 2-9 rankers have all chosen IIT Bombay. This year there were 215 choices to opt for. Only 668 have got their first choice, 390 have got their second choice and 379 has got their third choice. Last year 1,382 candidates have got their first choice.

Performance of Girls at IIT-JEE 2012

The number of girls candidates appearing for IIT-JEE 2012 has increased by 33% as compared to the last year. However number of those clearing the examination this year has decreased. In 2011, 10.1% girls had got admission in IITs, this year this statistics is only 9.55%.

G. B. Reddy, IIT-JEE 2012 Chairman, Delhi shared his views on the performance of girl candidates :

Prof. G. B. Reddy
We were expecting more girls to get seats this year as there was a steep rise in the numbers of female candidates (33% of total candidates) appearing for JEE. However, their numbers dipped marginally. In spite of the delay in the release of the first allocation round, there will not be any change in the rest of the schedule. The second and third round of allocation will happen on the same day as scheduled. After students reject the seats, the vacant seats will be thrown up for the second round.

No IIT-JEE anymore from 2013

Union HRD Minister of India, Kapil Sibal has proposed and passed single examination called CET (Common Entrance Test) which is getting severe criticism all over the country. In a clear revolt against HRD Ministry, IIT Kanpur has declared that from 2013 it will take separate entrance examination. More of the IITs are likely to follow the same.