It may be unethical and illegal to see through people’s cloths. This tutorial is for educational purpose only and shouldn’t be used publicly to breach one’s privacy. Use it at your own risk.

If you have a night vision camera then here is a trick how you can use it to see underneath someone’s cloths. Night vision cameras utilize IR (Infra Red) Technology instead of light to capture images.

See Through Cloths with IR Camera : Test 1

See Through Cloths with IR Camera : Test 1

Materials Needed – To See Through Cloths

There is no need of any ultra-technical instrument. You’ll just need three things :

  1. A High Quality Camera or Camcorder with Night Vision (IR)
  2. A Blank Developed Photographic Film
  3. Thin Transparent Cello Tape

This is all that you’ll need to get the job done.

How to use Night Vision Camera to See Through Cloths

You have to just fix the Blank Developed Photographic Film in front of the Camera’s Lens using the Transparent Cello Tape, that’s it. The developed photographic film is used to prevent (filter out) the light rays to enter the camera, while it allows Infra Red Rays (IR Rays) to enter the camera.

See Through Cloths with IR Camera : Test 2

See Through Cloths with IR Camera : Test 2

Light Rays are filtered out because they interfere with IR Rays and you’ll not get sharp image.

Limitations of this Technique

This technique works better when the cloths are made of thin fabrics. This technique will not work if the cloths are made of thick fabrics or with materials which stop IR Rays to pass through them.

Before you think ahead, we should tell you that bras are made of thick fabrics and you can’t effectively use this technique to look underneath them. However, you may be lucky, if you find someone with thin cloths and without a bra. 😉

Video Demonstrations – To See Through Cloths with IR Camera

Here are a few videos you can watch to see the technique in action. Use this information with care and at your own risk.

Video Demonstration 1

Video Demonstration 2

Video Demonstration 3