DVD Player

DVD Player

Generally when you buy an DVD of a movie from the market and insert in your DVD player, it initially displays movie trailers, video ads, copyright notices, FBI warnings and lot of other stuff before the movie starts playing on your TV screen. This is ok when you watch the movie first time but they become really annoying when you watch the same DVD movie for the second or the third time.

DVD discs generally contain UOP flag set which is responsible for displaying copyright notices, FBI warnings and commercial ads that can’t be skipped. However the easiest way to skip (or fast forward) all the ads, warnings and trailers from the DVD movies is this – just press the Stop button on the DVD remote followed by the Menu button and it will take you straight to the main menu from where you can play the movie. But this trick does not work with some DVD player so you can try some other alternatives also.

Alternative : 1

When the first trailer on the DVD starts playing on your screen, press the STOP button of your DVD remote twice followed by the PLAY button. That’s STOP –> STOP –> PLAY and it should take you directly to the movie skipping all the trailers and ads.

Alternative : 2

If this trick also does not work with your DVD player then just try this one. Instead of pressing the STOP button on your DVD remote twice, press it three times followed by PLAY and it should skip all the trailers and previews. To repeat, the sequence becomes STOP –> STOP –> STOP –> PLAY