If you use to tweet regularly on Twitter, then you might have observed that whenever you type ‘get lost’, ‘get better’ or ‘get bent’ on Twitter and as soon as you hit “Tweet” button, the texts get disappeared suddenly. This was the great mystery till now and the Twitter users were bothered about this and used to think where and why the texts get disappeared?

Twitter : Mystery of Missing Texts Solved

Twitter : Mystery of Missing Texts Solved

However this mystery no longer persists now and has been resolved and it has found that MS-DOS is the main culprit for it. Whenever you type the word “get”, it still acts as a command from the pre-Windows world of MS-DOS – where programmers type words such as ‘copy’ or ‘delete’ to perform functions.

In Twitter typing ‘get’ acts as a command to retrieve the last tweet from a certain user. However, the question that arises is why Twitter doesn’t just fix the problem.

BuzzFeed staffer John Hermann revealed:

John Hermann
A majority of these commands aren’t things you’d otherwise use in a two-word tweet, and most only work through the SMS service – you can tweet “suggest something” just fine from a computer or app for example.