Google's Final Warning

Google's Final Warning

After repeated warning to PC users regarding malware, this time Google has given a last chance and warned half millions PCs that could still be infected from the DNSChanger malware and have told them to take action against them seriously otherwise they will lose the internet connectivity on July, 9 this year.

In Google’s warning, it has been said:

While we expect to notify over 500,000 users within a week, we realize we won’t reach every affected user. Some ISPs have been taking their own actions, a few of which will prevent our warning from being displayed on affected devices.

PCs infected with the DNSChanger malware redirect all the browser visits to the gang’s own DNS servers, now kept alive by court direction simply to give infected users time to unhitch themselves from these machines.

According to Google, Since almost half of the users affected by DNSMalware don’t understand english and had not reacted to warnings already issued by the FBI and others. Earlier the cut-off date was set to March 8 but later extended to July 9 to allow more users to remove the malware.